Diarios de Motocicleta, La Familia Sumergida, Las Buenas Intenciones, Mecanica Popular, A Voz do Silencio,  from directors such as Alejandro Agresti, Adolfo Arisatarain, Carlos Sorin, Julia Solmonoff, Walter Salles, Adrian Garcia Bogliano,  Maria Alche.

In 2008 she began to study dramaturgy, narrative and script. with Mauricio Kartun, Romina Paula and Cinthya Edul, Marta Betoldi, Pablo Ramos, Agustin Mendhilarzu and Walter Jakob among others.

In 2012 she debuted as a director, with her first UNASUR-winning short film Gabriela e Ismael, sold to four countries through the Short Film Corner in Cannes.

In 2015, he directed his second UNCIPAR-winning short film, Berta y las Menores, also selected for the San Pablo Mostra and for the short film corner.

In 2017 he wrote and directed his first play, Salon de Belleza which won the FNA award and the support of PRO theater.

In 2018 he made two new short films, directed and wrote El señor del tiempo, winner of the INCAA blood window contest, premiering at the Blood Window 2019 festival and Animal Woman.

She has just finished directing her first feature film La Ruptura.