VIRTUAL EVENT LINE UP May 2nd - 5th , 2024


Get ready for a cinematic adventure like no other during our Virtual Event, happening exclusively from May 2nd to 5th, 2024.


Each block of our festival brings you a different theme, showcasing the best of short filmmaking. From heartfelt tales to mind-bending journeys and adrenaline-pumping adventures, these films share one thing in common – they’re all about originality and creativity.


Come join us for a celebration of storytelling. Thanks for being a part of Hollywood ShortsFest, where the magic of short films come to life.

Explore diverse narratives from around the globe in our “Foreign Shorts” Screening Blocks, showcasing and celebrating the universal language of storytelling and the creativity of filmmakers from around the world.

Beneath a Mother’s Feet

By Elias Suhail

A single mother in Morocco, trapped in a mundane existence, confronts her dreams and fears, leading to the agonising decision to forsake all she knows, even her children.

The Mulberry Tree

By Cornelia Schöpf, Federico Campana

Anna’s grandmother is forced to leave the farm that was her home for 60 years when Anna’s uncle sells it to clear his debts. Anna (30), her mother Rosi (55) and her aunt Hilda (60) visit the farm one last time to pick up the family’s few remaining belongings. Anna, who returned specially to bid farewell to the farm, takes a trip down memory lane. The farm was her favourite place to go as a child and was where she had the most freedom and her best adventures. Everything is brought into sharper focus as she touches all the objects and looks around for the last time, aware that an era is coming to an end. She wants to hold on to this moment with her senses forever, but it’s time to say goodbye.


By Youness Benali

CUT follows an enormously talented young tennis player, ALI, who gets home from a training session with the best tennis academy in the country — Team Fireflies.

When Ali’s dad starts prodding Ali about his tennis, we start to understand that Ali’s hiding something.

The pivotal point of the film comes when Ali’s dad finally confronts Ali about being cut from Team Fireflies. Ali denies it but is forced to face the truth as his dad shows him that his contract with Team Fireflies has been terminated. Amid Ali’s fear-induced anxiety, his dad takes control of Ali’s tennis as his new coach, and they embark on a harsh father-and-son journey, that will break Ali down — emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I’m Going Mad

By Matez Garci

“I’m Going Mad” sheds light on the prevalent mental illness experienced by young male adults with diverse backgrounds residing in the marginalized neighborhoods of Stockholm. This thought-provoking exploration delves into the complexities of coping with one’s mental well-being amidst an environment plagued by gun violence, pervasive depression, drugs, crime and strained police relations, all while striving for a semblance of normalcy in daily life.


By Javad Esfandiar

Twelve years after leaving the house, Mehran decides to come home due to his father’s death.


By Raiymbek Alzhanov

Great Kazakh Steppe, 17th century. Times when myths often turned out to be reality. A girl named Inkar is forced to flee after a completely magical ritual goes wrong. The ritual was performed to summon the Jinn to use his power in attempts to defend against Dzungar raids. Now evil spirits want to own Inkar’s flesh, her blood and the hereditary gift of baksy. Along the way, Inkar meets two fugitive brothers, with whose help she hopes to cross the Great Sea. But will the heroes survive this road?

Lean In

By Lucy Coleman

Moral-abiding feminist comedian, Rach, receives a massive blow after a show when she is rejected by the agent she was so hungry for. Rach’s brother Benny takes her out to his work Christmas drinks as a means to cheer her up. But in his world of sales bro’s Rach is pushed to see if she’s got the “tenacity” to survive in their world. Will she flip on her morals and throw her integrity to the wind to step up to their plate?

Lueur d’Espoir

By Nelly Trebing

In the turbulent early 30’s a young German woman is presented with the option to flee to America with her best friend. Her controlling husband seems to make the dream of an independent future impossible but no matter how dark the night – there is always a glimmer of hope (une Lueur d’Espoir).

Mazal Tov

By Noa Maiman

An Israeli-Jewish couple is expecting their first child.
But after a perfect-all-natural-full-moon-emotional labor, they discover the baby is a far cry from what they (and everyone else) come to expect.

Panic Attack

By Anthony Assad

Alex is in the throes of his transition from female to male so when his best friend abandons a joint venture to assert their burgeoning identities he’s forced to confront his anxieties before entering the unknown alone.

Robert And The Imp

By Alex Jovanoski

Robert is suffering from OCD and is living in a constant lockdown for years, completely isolating himself, spending his days with his obsessions and compulsions.
He is a German “Hikikomori”, a person who never leaves their house.
As the Covid 19 Pandemic hits the world and also has to go into Lockdown, he suddenly starts to feel that he is not alone.

While Fingernails Grow

By Leandro Rial

After experiencing an intense passion as a teenager and being separated by fate, Nina and Dan meet again twenty years later, right where they last saw each other, and the surprise gives way to an unexpected conflict of feelings.

The Blaze

By Phoenix Agneessens

Marcello is a young journalist who dreams of writing a novel, but lacks the inspiration. He becomes Count Krakeus’ assistant.
The Count, living as a hermit in his castle and suddenly feeling he has grown old, decides to accomplish the work towards which all his life and his efforts have lead him : creating a universal language.


By John D. Michaels

A man recounts the profound psychological changes that coursed through him after witnessing his nouveau riche brother fawning over a plate of home-grown gooseberries.

Full Count

By Lee Jaehwan

Seunghyuk is a high school baseball player as a pitcher position, even though he has the handicap, a claw-handed person.

Seunghyuk wanted to apply to one of the independent baseball team, whereas the coach suggested him to submit to Seoul PE college which has no collegiate baseball team, as special educational option for disabled students.

Seunghyuk has been conflicting between his eager to be the best player of collegiate baseball leagues and just to be belonged to the ordinary PE college as accepted reality.

However, he has faced the crisis of giving up the baseball because his team lost the game which was the essential factor of admission for the baseball teams in the universities.


By Myriam Donasis

In her fifties, unemployed and lonely, Rosa has lost her self-esteem. Mute, her life takes a new turn when she decides to offer a balloon to her young neighbor who keeps losing his. To thank her, the parents invite her unexpectedly and take the opportunity to proudly announce that their child has just appeared in a television commercial. The young boy rushes to show his pay slip to Rosa.
Back home, upset, she starts looking through old photographs, and finds an old photo of her as a child. In an irrational act, she decides to send him to a casting.

Since It All Begins

By Gabrielle Le Bayon

Everything seems going well in Stéphane’s life. In her 30’s, she lives and works with a feminist group in Paris and she’s just starting dating Anouk. But one day Stéphane’s mother calls as her health is getting worse. She needs help to look after little Simone, Stéphane’s three years old daughter, in the countryside. Stéphane has to face her future and her commitment.

Garden In The Sky

By Chen Yang Yin

As teenager Zuo Tong accidentally discovers that his mother may be cheating, he puts her through a harsh mental trial. Amid this process, Zuo Tong gradually realizes that he’s shattering another family with his actions.

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

By Joseph Tiernan

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me is an Australian one shot LGBTQ+ film about the cycle of relationships we all face and how each of us grow from heartbreak. It documents the birth and death of a relationship lasting three years, entirely shot in camera across two sets in one continuous take.

M jako Máma

By Nina Bhatt

A desperate mother, who has been fighting for financial aid to improve the quality of her severely disabled son’s life, is at the end of her tether.

Morning Star

By Zara Balfour

“Morning Star” takes you on a riveting ride through history. Set against the backdrop of 1940s Malta, this true story weaves together the magnetic tale of Christina, a British entertainer, and the fearless RAF pilot, Warby, whose love story unfolds amidst the impending darkness of World War II. Starring Larissa Bonaci and Ben Lamb (The Gilded Age) and featuring rarely glimpsed historical archive footage, elegant design and an original musical score, “Morning Star” promises an unforgettable blend of romance and wartime suspense.

99 %

By Wang Runmeng

During the World Cup, Chang Shuo wanted to gift expensive chocolates to the girl he liked, inspired by two pieces of 99% cocoa chocolates. Financial constraints led him to bet on a World Cup match with his friend Xu Yang. The series of setbacks strained their relationship, but Chang Shuo’s courage to express his feelings and offer the chocolates led to personal growth.

99 %

By Wang Runmeng

During the World Cup, Chang Shuo wanted to gift expensive chocolates to the girl he liked, inspired by two pieces of 99% cocoa chocolates. Financial constraints led him to bet on a World Cup match with his friend Xu Yang. The series of setbacks strained their relationship, but Chang Shuo’s courage to express his feelings and offer the chocolates led to personal growth.

99 %

By Wang Runmeng

During the World Cup, Chang Shuo wanted to gift expensive chocolates to the girl he liked, inspired by two pieces of 99% cocoa chocolates. Financial constraints led him to bet on a World Cup match with his friend Xu Yang. The series of setbacks strained their relationship, but Chang Shuo’s courage to express his feelings and offer the chocolates led to personal growth.

The Volcano And The Baby

By Danielle Jaeggi

The volcano and the baby shows what goes on in the head of a woman who is unable to give birth to a child. This lack obsesses her, she is assailed by strange and disturbing fantasies. This dive into her imagination will give her access to the torments of the History, said great, which undoubtedly made obstacle to the achievement of her desire of maternity. This discovery will be for her an opening towards life.

Beyond the Door

By Victoria Neto

Rushing from the chaos of her student job, up the never ending staircase of her apartment building, Danielle, a West African-French student, calculates that she has enough time to change from her work clothes before her final sociology exam in 20 minutes. Her under maintained shoebox apartment has other plans. Yanis, a young concierge, comes to help and tries to fix the ancient door lock that has trapped her. As time trickles past the two strangers find an unexpected solidarity, with only a door to separate them.

Dilemna Dilemma

By Jacky Goldberg

Dana and Fox are dating for the first time in a diner, after matching on a conspiracy theorist dating app. Both paranoid but playing the game of seduction, they discuss and soon find out they don’t exactly share the same theories. While eerie events start to occur around them, they wonder what the purpose of their meeting is…

Vasti: Easy Prey

By David Pollock

Two young women head home after dining out only to be targeted by thugs, and their only hope to escape is in one of them revealing a secret that’s hard to believe.

Sister Wives

By Louisa Connolly-Burnham

Sister Wives is a deeply compelling love story that tells the tale of two young Mormon women living in a strict, fundamentalist, polygamous society. Kaidence and Galilee find themselves bound to one another, under the same roof, in the same marriage, as they develop scary, new, exciting feelings for each other. In a harsh, regressive, watchful community where being queer is considered a cardinal sin, they begin having thoughts of leaving the only life they have ever known behind. Sister Wives will offer a vital perspective to the canon of coming-out films; at its core, it is a story of female friendship, of allyship, a story of exploration, both physical and psychological, as together they find the courage to dream in tandem, of a world beyond the walls.

The Pain of Being

By Jes Pace

An old man, a fervent catholic and a devoted husband, tries hard to make his dementia ridden wife remember him, at least by calling his name one more time.

The Last Dissmisal

By Jowaher Alamri

A teenager “Aljadel” who must come to terms with her grief around the passing of her best friend, when forced to attend a lecture on shrouding the dead at her middle school. While watching her friend being shrouded she gets triggered and this leads her to make a sudden eruption.


By Salomon Ligthelm

Clermont-Ferrand 2024 Official Selection competitor “Mother” tells the story of Vitaly Ivanov – a miner on the Ukraine/Russian border who discovers a ringing phone – and tragically so much more – in his backyard. “Mother” is based on the true-life story of the miners of Rozsypne, Ukraine who combed the fields in Donetsk to retrieve the bodies of the victims of the MH17 disaster.

Ábreme (Cracked Open)

By Alexandra Lainfiesta

When Sofia, suitcase in hand, arrives home she finds her ex lover has moved in with a woman in the house they share.
The collision between cultures explodes in one household as they all wait for Javier’s immigration papers. Ábreme looks at immigration, mental health and the secret magnetism hidden in aversion.

Le repas des animaux

By Olivier Barthelemy

Dimitri needs to find a decent apartment for his daughter Juliette, who suffers from asthma if he doesn’t want to lose joint custody of her. With his back against the wall, he decides to go and ask his father’s help, with whom relations are strained. When he refuses, Dimitri employs a stratagem that will backfire.


By Kornelia Takacs

Peter is a young priest. His mother, Mary is slowly succumbing to dementia in a Sanatorium.

Mary does not want to live a life where she will not recognize her children and she will not know who she is. She knows that her condition is irreversible. She wants to end things, but she cannot do it alone.

Can Peter grant his mother’s last wish? A wish that goes against everything he believes in?

Sans Issue

By Yun Mei Lu

After a national writing competition, Lin Xi is selected by a well-known author who gives her private lessons every week, but the cruel truth is that during the lessons the author never really teaches her anything…


By Çağıl Harmandar

Eyes are magical spheres that make up dreams and retain memories. In our eyes, the visions of the within and of the beyond overlap. New worlds come to be when our gazes meet.

Go with Grace

By Domini Marshall

A woman takes a walk to buy cigarettes in the early hours of New Year’s Eve.

Go with Grace is a quiet exploration of the aftermath of assault

Nightmare Fuel

By Daniela Benudiz

A teenage girl struggling with her nightmares goes to talk about them with her therapist.

Detective Pierrot

By Maï Le Flochmoën

Detective Pierrot is a man. There is no doubt about it…
But he’s also a private detective and that’s quite discreet.
Like every morning, Pierrot had received the newspaper…
‘Les Nouvelles’ is the New Caledonian newspaper which provides information, personal messages, relates facts, and reproduce in very small print, announcements of everything and about everything.
Pierrot didn’t know anyone so he stays a long time at the nearby café to get some news.
He didn’t know anyone close enough to have personal confidences, so he wasn’t interested in the personal messages of others either.
He started reading the information printed on the right page, in the bottom corner, between the price of gasoline – which didn’t interest him because he doesn’t have a car, and the weather – which didn’t interest him either because it’s only precise on the weather of yesterday…
What he was about to read would definitely upset the schedule of his day…
‘There is nickel in tap water! And more…’


By Ella Knorz

Alsie rents a dad for one evening.

Alsie is unhappy and alone, but luckily she can order the feeling of security and comfort in the internet nowadays. However, the evening with her rented Daddy does not go as smooth as she envisioned it. To really feel comforted she will have to open up and make herself vulnerable…


By Sangmin LEE

Cheol-gyu, who is living a successful life, is visited by his old hometown friend, Young-hun. Young-hoon, who is about to get married, asks Cheol-gyu to be HamJinabi. Cheol-gyu hesitates at the request of a friend who has not contacted lately. But… The marriage partner was Soon-i .Hearing the name ‘Soon-i’, Cheol-gyu feels that he cannot refuse the request. He goes to the bride’s house to be a hamjinabi with his friend ‘Nak-gyun’.

The Winter Journey

By Yifan Sun

During Halloween, a cow destined for slaughter escapes and the hunt for her is broadcast live on television as holiday entertainment. Meanwhile, Yusef, a young man working at a waste recycling plant, finishes another dreary workday. After experiencing a series of setbacks, he is overwhelmed by frustration and despair. While wandering through a cemetery, Yusef stumbles upon a freshly dug grave and lies down in it. The moment of serenity is shattered by the appearance of Boq, a strangely talkative man who approaches the grave and extends his hand towards Yusef.

God has no money

By Elena Khabibrakhmanova

In a remote village, a guy with memory loss meets a local priest. The priest, having discovered that the guy is stuck in the hustle and bustle of life and is not making any attempts to find out his past, begins to instruct him to search for the truth about himself. The priest manages to persuade the guy to go with him to the regional center to see some specialists, but a random acquaintance with the priest’s daughter changes the course of events – the young people fall in love with each other.

kissing the wall

By Yehuda Udi persi

Yoni and Emily, two perfect strangers, spend a once-in-a-lifetime evening together, on a passionate and unforgettable night drive. A drive that could change their lives forever.

Let It Stay Here

By Gabriel Mizrahi

One evening in Los Angeles, a mysterious psychologist (THE WOMAN) and a guarded cop (THE MAN) lock eyes in a Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous meeting.

Afterward, they share a charged conversation, in which they discuss their recoveries and their interest in each other, then spend a heady and unexpectedly intimate evening together back at the Man’s apartment.

When the Man worries that he’s compromised the Woman’s sobriety, she reveals that she’s not actually in the program. Feeling betrayed, he grows angry and pulls away, and the Woman passionately defends their right to connect with other people however they can, reeling him back in.

The Woman comes home at the end of the night to a radically different life from the one she presented to the Man. In a private moment, she reveals that she stole something important from him — the latest in a string of objects she’s taken from men — casting a very different light on the evening.

A week later, the Woman attends another Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous meeting — either one step closer to acknowledging that she belongs in the program, or pulled even deeper into the dangerous game she’s playing.

A New Day

By Gema Hernandez Felipe

It’s James birthday, her girlfriend videotapes the day, just another birthday… or is it? A New Day has begun!


By Melissa Puente, Patience Ray

Set in the wake of Covid, a struggling family is forced from their home, and when an the family’s embittered teen is asked by his younger sister to do something kind for their mother, he resists until he sees her in a new light.

Portions for Foxes

By Dominic Vaughey

In the 17th-century village of Eyam, two sinners – Colette and Finlay – confront the danger of their pre-marital pregnancy in their parish town. As the black death descends on their village, all sinners are persecuted in a desperate attempt to cleanse Eyam of the plague.

Harbouring a now lethal secret, Colette and Finlay must make a fateful choice: flee the quarantined town in a daring escape, risking isolation and rejection from neighbouring civilisations, or stay and confront the weight of their forbidden love and the deadly consequences it might bring.


By May Resh

Thirteen years old Ben-Zur tells his friends stories about his fake girlfriend that lives in a faraway city. When they decide to go after him to her house, he will do everything to prove to them that he is a man.


By Erica Sullivan

After years of dreaming of a past love in black and white, he appears to her one night in vibrant color. Is this real life or just a dream, and does it matter either way?


By Nick Russell

Two parents face an impossible choice when their family camping trip turns deadly.

Aren’t You Good At Everything

By Ryan Baumgart

In the midst of his climb to become a successful filmmaker, a young director named Hartley battles with his childhood trauma, his pursuit of happiness eclipsed by inner struggles. Following the triumph of winning an award for his latest film, his anguish intensifies while alone in his hotel room leading to harrowing and comical attempts at suicide. His journey is a compelling exploration of the profound impact that past wounds have on the pursuit of success, even in the face of external validation.


By Fabiola Dominguez Gonzalez

Alice and her family are the stars of a promotional advertisement for the Norman brand company. During one of their ad performances Alice is hit by a falling stagelight which awakens her to the reality of this advertisement world. Desperate to escape this fake world Alice ventures deeper into the world of advertisements to find her way out.

There Are Plenty More Fish In The Sea

By Blanche Montbel Larenaudie

Mildred, a lonely elderly woman, is given the responsibility to take care of her grandson’s goldfish. Her clumsiness leads to the fish’s death, but in a shocking turn of events, the fish suddenly becomes a half human half fish creature. Mildred comes to bond with him and fills the void left in her life by the unfulfilling relationship with her daughter.

To The Moon And Back

By Charlie Posey

When a young girl asks the moon to send her a friend, she comes face-to-face with the older version of herself, and must learn to love who she is.


By Jason Chu

When Clint, a former Marine, reunites his old squad for one final job, the operation takes a deadly turn. Now on the run, Clint must unravel the mystery of who betrayed them and why, before time runs out.


By Carol Resende

Marcia, a devout 50-year-old Catholic, faces her personal demons, including alcoholism and prejudices, as she struggles to understand the emptiness consuming her. Her journey of self-discovery is guided by an unlikely friendship with Paula, a homosexual nurse. In the hospital, they confront their own prejudices, leading to an intense showdown. On the brink of a transplant surgery, Marcia realizes that she suppressed her sexuality for years, leading her to turn to alcohol abuse.


By Sindre Mangen Haram

When twelve-year-old Erik is forced to choose which parent should have to move out during an ugly divorce, he struggles in the aftermath of his decision and how it ends up altering his relationships not only with his parents, but his two younger brothers as well.


By Juan Carlos Alvarez

Rubén’s routine and lonely life changes forever when, on his way home, he finds a
photograph of him at the Metrobus station.

ISTINA (Truth)

By Tamara Denić

Jelena is a photojournalist on an investigative editorial team in Belgrade that campaigns for basic democratic rights. Her journalistic work is her passion, but the atmosphere around her has been threatening for some time and she is increasingly becoming a target of right-wing populist groups. When one day the editorial office is violently attacked and shortly afterwards her daughter Lara is threatened, Jelena decides – much to the relief of her mother Branka – to leave the country for the time being. And so she leaves her lover Nikola behind and sets off for Hamburg with her daughter. In Germany, she continues to pursue her vocation, but soon encounters fierce hostility and hate attacks there as well. She takes every risk to uncover the truth …

Color Troopers: The Legacy Continues

By Tsz Ho Alan Pat

Once, ‘Color Troopers’ ruled the ’90s as the beloved show of every child. Now, decades later, the original cast reconvenes for a dazzling anniversary episode. Ryan Reiff, the iconic Red Trooper, hungers to rekindle his fame through daring stunts and a leading role. However, his former co-star, Kai the Blue Trooper, stands in his way. As egos collide and long-concealed truths surface, the line between hero and villain blurs. Will Ryan’s obsession launch him back into stardom or plunge him into ruin…


By Shaun MacLean

After receiving a mysterious letter, a wayward son returns to his childhood home to wrestle with a dark family secret.

Adieu Gaston

By Victor Guilbaud

Emile is a contract killer. A hired killer who travels by bicycle and who kills in exchange for a few tickets left in a small mailbox lost in the middle of the fields. This time, the man to be slaughtered is named Gaston Pouget and lives at 7 rue des Peupliers: a shed on the edge of a highway. Only here, when arriving on the scene: – SURPRIIISE!!! Emile is surprised by a birthday in honor of Gaston which should, a priori, arrive soon. Emile was not invited.

Floating Love

By Ziko Ben Yakov

22-year-old Zura’s mother left home, leaving him and his father behind. Since then, Zura’s father suffers from depression, and is busy drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Zura is forced to take care of him, while his soul longs for peace and freedom. An encounter with a captivating girl named Daniel will send Zura into an eventful evening, from which there will be no way back.

In search of lost horses

By Sapdaru Ion

During a bloody clash between separatist forces and Moldovan combat troops in the 1992, during Transnistrian war, two separatists rushed to a tractor brigade in a Transnistrian village in order to find a tractor or other means of transport to transport the wounded and dead to the hospital. Here I find the guard Nicodim Calestru, a simple peasant who refuses to give them the horses and carts of the collective farm.
After the Ataman solder forcibly takes away horses and carts, he gives to guard Nicodim an receipt for requisition, specifying that the horses and carts will be returned after the end of the war.
This, of course, does not happen. More than that, after the conflict is ended, the district police open an investigation, accusing the guard of stealing from the public property.
The guard Nicodim is faced with a dilemma: to pay a large sum of money that he does not have or to go to prison. Finally, He decides to go to Ukraine, in search of the solder who gave him the receipt, in the hope of recovering his lost horses.


By Vinny O’Brien

A father, pursued by ruthless foes, uses games to distract his daughter from danger, inadvertently preparing her for their perilous journey. He relies on resourcefulness to protect her and strengthen their bond.

That One Little Thing

By Emmanuel Joel Rodriguez

Greg, an emotionally broken man struggles to battle his inner demons some decide to take a more physical approach and make it challenging for Greg to overcome it.

Johnny Johnny

By Jaclyn Lehrer

A badass homeless comedian takes vengeance on people he doesn’t think are funny. This story also highlights the importance of friendship and how to navigate hardships in an apathetic society.

The Patient (Voglio Vivere per Sempre)

By Francesca De Luca

To live forever and be immortal. To live forever to be like God. Or perhaps, to be God. After 14 years spent in the psychiatric clinic for children and adolescents, at the age of 25 Ari finally has contact with the outside world, but only as an observer. As such, he knows vices and virtues of humankind, which leads him to despise it, elevating and exorcising his transcendence. Isolated in his mountain home and increasingly enclosed in a world where there is no distinction between good and evil, Ari catapults himself back in time. A timeless time of doctors and nurses, white rooms and iron cots. A time punctuated by conversations with Dr. Harris, his attending physician or perhaps his alter ego. Thus disgusted by the superficiality of man, to purify his soul, Ari feels the need to sacrifice human lives in the name of God, to atone for the seven deadly sins.

Fate vs. Elena

By Laura Sedlak

Fate vs. Elena is the story of a jaded millennial psychic who doesn’t believe in fate until a premonition turns her life upside down.

Hot Latin Nights at the Granada!

By Franco Vidal

The Granada, a nightclub owned by the famed salsa singer Tony “El Tío” Lopez is closing down. El Tío’s nephew had no intention of attending the closing night, until the girl next door asks him to save the last dance for her. Now all he needs to do is learn how to salsa dance.


By Courtenay Crimeen

As Teddy (William Servinis) sparks a cigarette, fellow soldier Frank (Jack Hewitt) appears. Older and less worn by the war, Franks has come to say farewell one last time. For the pair this means lighting a cigarette in the comfortable quiet. As the truth of their relationship comes out, they share an embrace covered by the darkness of a tunnel. Like all things must, the tunnel comes to an end, and so does Teddy and Frank’s time together. Though Teddy fights the goodbye, Frank departs, once again leaving Teddy alone in the compartment.

The Use of the Past Participle

By Katia Kissina

Mrs. D., an exhausted French teacher, is struggling to manage her daily life: some students are lagging behind, the school program is pushing her to move faster, and there are even those who judge her work harshly. But Mrs. D. doesn’t want to deviate from her mission for anything in the world. Caught between dream and reality, she will not rest until all her students, without exception, have understood the rule of past participle agreement.


By Gabe McCauley

Maxine is a young screenwriter struggling to write an authentic story. In navigating her relationship with her best friend, a Mexican man named Leon of ambiguous legal status, she finds that the best stories are often the most truthful – and with that truth will come loss.


By Noelle P. Wilson, D Andrew Hartfield

An 8 year old girl adopted from China leads her father to a deeper understanding of what she faces in a new culture and what she longs for from her home country.


By Benjamin Steinberg

A young man who hasn’t left his bedroom in 8 years is assigned a mannequin and has a week to find a romantic partner or face public execution.

Indah and the Spirits

By Sophie Mutiara Nova-Whittemore

INDAH AND THE SPIRITS an Indonesian Fantasy Film
Artsy punk Indah is distraught over the loss of her grandmother and ventures to the underworld to see her one more time but Yuda, a fun-loving spirit, won’t get out of her way

Singing in the Lifeboat

By Grace Wijaya

Jin seeks solace in the woods of Pennsylvania amidst the Covid pandemic. Surrounded only by trees, her thoughts become increasingly fraught with desperation and danger.

Is it Christmas?

By Gustavo Araujo

After New Year’s celebrations, a family’s Christmas tree is carefully stored in the pantry, awaiting the next holiday season. When the long-awaited moment finally arrives, it is replaced by a larger and more modern Christmas tree. Thrown in the trash, the tree is found by an old lady and makes another home’s Christmas less lonely.


By Lucie Aimée Leichsering

“Dad” takes the audience into an intimate conversation between father and daughter. The ambivalent relationship is discussed in front of and behind the camera while the father tends to his gardening. What will he harvest? The filmmaker asks, “Why is my dad the father that he is?”

Siren Salon

By Ella Grace Rodriguez

In the mysterious 1950s Siren Salon, a young‬‭ woman in an abusive marriage must‬ decide how many inches–and people–she’s willing to cut off.‬

All Rise

By Nefeli Dimakea

In Athens 2023, 18-year-old Petros is fatally beaten by the police on his way home. His parents, Eleni and Konstantinos, grapple with doubt as they sit in the courtroom, anxiously awaiting the judge’s verdict, seeking justice for their son’s untimely death.

Comfort Zone

By Delia Eifeler

A depressed psychotherapist plans to close his practice, but his last patient prompts him to step out of his comfort zone and accept help.

The Snow Leopard

By Taylor Joshua Rankin

A composer meets with her composition teacher to help put the final touches on a new piece she is writing for string quartet.


By Makeda Diggs

For most of her life, Fiona was a pre-professional violinist training to become a soloist. After experiencing a great loss, she grapples with what it means for her that she no longer plays – hasn’t even touched her violin in months. Amidst the identity crisis that ensues, Fiona finds new meaning in music, friendship, and her interpretation of joy.

Sisters Svetlov

By Sergio Starodubtsev

Two sisters who haven’t spoken to each other in years, meet next to their mother’s grave on the day of remembrance.
The memories of their childhood and teenage years shed light on complicated time of their lives as part of the Svetlov Family.

Them Upstairs

By Mark Buckland

A girl tries to survive a plague that creates duplicates of the infected.

Honest Work

By Kermis Batista

A chance encounter between a vulnerable hipster and a charismatic hustler goes awry when a vial of white powder gets involved. Set against the pulsating background of an underground music show, Honest Work is a darkly comic look into the pits of hedonistic pursuit.


By Ewa Japola

This is the day. Speed dating in the aquarium. Time to break the routine and find someone for yourself. Sara, in search of love, wants just one thing: a phone number. Well, alright, a shoe size too. And a registration number. Date of birth, body temperature, the number of teeth… Numbers don’t lie.

The Steak

By Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi

A birthday ceremony preparation gets upside down as something horrible takes place.


By Riley Wadden

The romantic relationship between two influencers is put into question after one of them deletes their social media.

Rosso Veneziano

By Baldassarra Anne Franchetti

Young twins Leo and Lea are haunted by the phantoms that inhabit their family house in Venice, they start a quest to unveil the mystical history that exists in La Laguna.

You’re Doing Great

By Sam Kellman

Following the death of his parents, a pliant seventeen-year-old living in a kitschy future where happiness is sold as a commodified drug trepidatiously takes on his first job in order to make ends meet for him and his ailing younger brother– in the form of finally affording “true” bliss.

Oh Shit

By Jocelyn Cooper

When Annie is stuck in a shitty relationship, she finds that her only way out is to release an inner power.

Catching These Umbrellas!

By Aviva Siegel

A man takes a walk in the park on a cloudy day.

Year of the Oat Milk Latte

By Juan Manuel Brest, Philip Embury

A young queer actor makes a new years resolution to change his life. But during his spiritual quest he gets addicted to designer caffeine, and while effective at first at bringing about change, when he runs out of Oat Milk the coffee grains of success quickly slip through his fingers.

Real Robbers

By Adam Pine, Sean Pine

Nick enlists his friend Jake on a mission to rob an old lady’s house for an undisclosed reason.


By Stu Gamble

Three educated (and bored) twenty-somethings are working a dead-end job in a gas station. Their futures are grim. When a group of bank robbers turn up fresh from a heist and fresh out of fuel, things get a bit more interesting.

The Desert Knight

By Emmett Sparling, Josiah Gordon

Two weary treasure hunters are in search of the prize of a lifetime… but it’s guarded by the Desert Knight- A warrior and merciless killer, preserved in the sands of time…
Inspired by a suit of armour that we found on a trip through the Middle East, and Monty Python, this is a passion project/medieval comedy film that a group of my best friends and I shot in Oman last year.

Seoul Switch

By Liann Kaye

When an insecure, Korean American boy meets an International K-Pop Star who looks just like him, they decide to switch identities.

Broken Toilets

By Jesse Toledano

BROKEN TOILETS tells the story of Yossi Klein, a young Hassidic man, tasked to take care of his father-in-law’s buildings in Hudson County, New Jersey. But Yossi has a secret – he loves hip hop. During the everyday mundane, often absurd tasks that come along with property management, he meets two tenants – young aspiring hip hop artists, DiAndra “Dee” Jones and Kevin Randolph. Together they form the most unlikely of musical trios.


By Dominic Burgess, Jeff Lorch

After losing his wife, a failing gallery artist returns home to his small town, looking for support from the very people he’s fought so hard to escape.

Two Frogs in Boiling Water

By Candace Jade Lewis

There isn’t much left in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, but Bro and Dude have a dream – and each other.

The Dinner Party

By Luke Keibler

A simple dinner turns into a game of soviet cat and american mouse in this slapstick comedy.

Call Me Matthew

By Remy Cayuela

After two years in a coma, Jean-Pierre finally wakes up. All would be fine if he was not now persuaded to be the American actor Matthew McConaughey. His doctor is formal and convinces everyone: they have to play along to avoid causing any trauma.


By Sumner McMurtry

When a seemingly innocent lemonade stand materializes in a suburban front yard, the once tranquil neighborhood descends into chaos as mysterious and unsettling events unfold.

Elvis of the Yukon

By Rocco Cataldo

Based on the real-life adventure of travel writer Pam Mandel, Elvis of the Yukon is the story of two friends on a road trip in Alaska who abruptly change course after encountering an unlikely omen.

Group C

By Imran J Khan

Naveen, a timid family man yearning to find his voice, stumbles upon a mysterious support group that employs unconventional preschool activities to boost his confidence. Realizing that he is being manipulated, he decides to confront the group’s leader and finally speak up for himself.

Nice Car

By Kiyan Ahmadi

After a young wannabe actor driving in from utah loses his way to hollywood blvd he decides to ask directions from a peculiar man, things quickly take a turn for the worst as the mans intentions become murkier.

Miracle Wood

By Johnny Rey Diaz

A lonely, depressed old man finds hope in a holy piece of wood.

The Heart of Texas

By Gregory JM Kasunich

Janie May, an aspiring country singer stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck grind, gets big news that she’s a radio contest finalist while finishing her overnight shift at a local diner in Waco, TX. She must race to the station to sing for hometown country music hero Harlan Thompson in hopes of winning the opening act spot on his upcoming tour. In a chaotic dash to the studio, she collides her car into Jesús, an undocumented worker who refuses medical care or police assistance out of fear of being discovered and deported. The two engage in a struggle, each in pursuit of their own American dreams. In the end, they do the only thing they know how to do: fend for themselves.

A Fragile Heaven

By Patrick Skehill

A suicide survivor working at a psychiatric ward tries to protect a patient’s manufactured family when the doctors decide to destroy them as a form of healing. The worker needs this job to support his mother, but when he sees the patient lovingly care for her paper babies, he starts to contemplate the co-dependent relationship with his own parent.

The Displaced

By Deluxion Mohan

A poignant narrative that speaks to the resilience and fortitude of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Cold as Ice

By Oliver Mack Calhoun

In the hopes of boosting their professional draft stock, a rivalry is born as an injury plagued hockey player (King) and a hockey prodigy (Zane) attend a private workout for the head coach of the LA Captains, Coach Richards. They will all soon learn that the game they love is as cold as the ice they skate on.


By Kay Qiao

An abandoned doll and a scarecrow scared of crows form an unlikely bond when they work together to overcome their fears and heal their mutual pain

The Principles of Greenology

By Kevin Ang, Hannah Yang

Three friends find time to hang out in their usual spot to talk about life, weed and cigarettes.


By Mike Montgomery

May is reliving the same year over and over again. She’s unable to escape the minutiae of her office job and the loneliness of her marriage. That is until a kind moment is caught on camera that changes her fate forever.

Dare to Dream

By Max Ornstil, Pedro Garcia

Dare to Dream is the story of a young Max Ornstil discovering a letter from a present day version of himself, describing in detail his future of living out his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and playing for his hometown. The film explores how a kid with ambitious dreams would react to hearing how his future will unfold in front of him.

A Tale of Earl GrayMay

By Michael King

An embattled Civil War veteran, dealing with all of his trauma, goes into the desert to fight his inner demons.

Sunrise Boulevard

By Mike Montagna

1955. An in-crisis famous actress enrolls in a Clinic that helps artists to find inspiration through a pioneering sorrow therapy.
The therapy doesn’t work with her. The other artists start to take inspiration from her sunny presence.
The only way to bring the Clinic back to a painful and productive atmosphere is to turn her smile off forever.

El Campo

By Octavio Pisano

At a Mexican training camp in the middle of the desert, we witness the evolution of a young boy, transformed and turned into a cold blooded killer. This coming-of-age nightmare shows that even in the darkest of evils, there was once innocence.

Nesting Doll

By Brian A. Chander

A married couple, grieving over the loss of their daughter, seek closure in a young woman her age.

The Last Embrace

By Diego Contreras

A mother and son embrace one last time before taking six feet apart and isolating themselves to avoid the risks of a dangerous air-borne pandemic.


By Thomas V DeGrezia

Jack La’mar, a renowned psychotherapist from Greenwich, Connecticut, moves into the Kimberly Hotel in Midtown Manhattan to take on an unconventional form of therapy to keep the memory of his wife alive and, along his journey, discovers the strength to accept grief into his life so he may heal.


By Mark Ryan Walberg

Erratic messages from her dad sends JO deep into the California desert to sort through the remains of a frenzied, paranoid manic episode. However, along the way she makes two discoveries: the rest of her family wish to no longer support him, and the trunk of his car is filled with hundreds of slippers…

The Fool

By Jonathan Primo Ruiz

A forbidden love affair between a rising Black star and a white movie starlet is ruthlessly sabotaged by those who sought to maintain the oppressive status quo in 1950s America.

Pacific Parable: Buried Treasure

By Riley Dean Taylor

In 1880s Pacific Northwest, a pioneer’s wife stumbles upon treasure while grazing cattle in a neighbor’s field. It could change their fortunes, but her husband is not so sure, and the neighbor won’t sell easily.

As The Day Goes By

By Moses Lawi

A young cook, desperate and fresh out of incarceration, looks for redemption and a pathway to a second chance.

Press 1

By Danny Erb

Set in the near future “Press 1” centers on Hayden, a woman dealing with the consequences of hiring an AI company to manifest a rendition of her lover’s consciousness.


By Kyle Hatley

When a grief-stricken man with strange abilities opens up to his bereavement group about the death of his sister, he discovers that his curse becomes a gift to his fellow mourners.


By Joseph Burch

As Erin packs her old life into boxes, she overhears a violent attack in the apartment above that derails her night.


By Chad Cunningham

During a raging thunderstorm, a correctional officer must face the horrors that haunt the maximum security prison where he works.

Come Home

By Mike Pecci

Sometimes, the scariest knock at the door is the one that comes from within.


By Sean Nunley

Howard struggles to control his world amidst a global pandemic. Faced with unemployment and a lonely quarantine, mysterious forces arise to fuel his fears and challenge his relationships and sanity.

Night Hag

By Brandon Champ Robinson

The lines between dream and reality become blurred as a woman battling sleep paralysis becomes the target of a relentless demon, the Night Hag.

A woman battling sleep paralysis becomes the target of a relentless demon, the Night Hag.


By Celia Arias, Manuel Mollá

Welcome to NERVIO, a research lab for experimental visual identities leading the ‘Existence Integration program’.
This otherworldly entity hacks into the nervous systems of its subjects, transforming and exporting them into boundless universes that transcend the ordinary. The altered vessels, shaped by the puppetry of the divine, bridge the gaps between realms, becoming conduits in NERVIO’s own imaginarium. Each metamorphosis is a clandestine ballet where new realities are sculpted by unseen hands.


By Matthew S Moore

Short experimental film about five characters sitting at the round dining table in a fancy restaurant. The film focuses on how they interact with each other without dialogue, but with body language and eye contact.


By Matan Portnoy

The word entropy simply means unpredictability or the gradual descent into disorder.
This is the entropy of a relationship in the chaotic retrospect of a colored memory.
When everything is over, are we left alone with the memories of our loved ones or is it that those same memories are what keep us from being alone?

All the wild hearts here below

By Niklas Hugo Schwärzler

“All the Wild Hearts Here Below” stands as a anthem on being a life.
It follows a group of characters as they navigate the uncertainties of life, seeking moments of exhilaration and connection. Moments in which you feel somehow larger than life. Through their experiences, we witness the raw, unpredictable, and passionate nature of youth, revealing the boundless hope and resilience that lie within each individual.
We glimpse into the lives of a beautifully naive and carefree generation.

Things That Didn’t Happen

By Joshua Kaufman

Years after a fateful car accident, a recluse remains uncomfortable in his skin and unable to shake off the feeling that a familiar stranger is watching him from just beyond the trees.

Veils Around Us

By Timm Gillner

We carry culture, religion and social status through generations. While all of that leads to a strong responsibility to our children, the experience of a grandmother and her family touches upon those very topics.

Your Present

By Dani Gros, Andrea Diaz

Slick, sexy, and strikingly captivating, “Your Present, ”by DIA LUNA, is a meditation on love, nostalgia, and the way desire and sensuality contort and color our experiences. Co-directed by Dani Gros and Andrea Diaz, this music video is the second collaboration between the two artists under the moniker of their newly founded production company, Heathen Temple. With psychedelic visuals playing with our perception, it is clear not everything is as remembered, especially when it comes to love and sex.

Ryta Ray – Frequency Of Love

By Nikita Kvasnikov

Ukrainian singer RYTA RAY debuts with a ballad ‘Frequency of Love’. It was last year when she won an international songwriter contest hosted by the world-famous music producer and songwriter Guy Chambers (UK).

“A world is falling apart and the only remedy we could look for is within ourself – in our heart, in our truth, in our love we share”,- Ryta Ray

“The video comes out just during the most fierce bombardment of my beautiful Kyiv (June 2, 2023), carried out by the russian armed forces almost every night for a long month. This is my first attempt to start a dialogue with the entire free world through pop culture, directing its focus to the living hell that has been happening to my home for the last 1.5 years.
And I am 100% sure that the darkness that has fallen upon us has no chance of its obscurant victory because in my country the most noble of the noble serve the forces of LIGHT”, sums up the video director Nikita Kvasnikov.

The plot centres around Ukrainian rescuers saving people’s lives barehanded these days. They carry the singer out of the burning building as she continues to share her truth bravely, to be resilient and follows her heart despite the world is crushing around her.

The international medical organization volunteers appear prominently in the clip, including paramedic from Hawaii who came to work in Ukraine. Although the crew filmed the fire thanks to lighting solutions only and without the actual burning, the real State Emergency Service of Ukraine rescuers in the frame acted strictly according to protocol. The internationally acclaimed Ethos Studio did the color grading for the video, devoting time to “Frequency of Love” amid a busy schedule servicing A24 projects.


By Erik Jasaň

After her beloved son escapes, the abused wife reconsiders her attitudes towards her husband.

4801 Nights

By Laurence Michel

Abstinence is refraining from satisfying a craving.
Teetotalism is the total, definitive abstinence from alcohol.
In other words, a life sentence!
4801 nights documents an introspection and a wandering, a fall and a rise, during a trip to
the polar circle.
Legend has it that the polar night can drive those who venture there to sanity or madness.

Michael Heizer: In Process

By John de Menil

Legendary artist Michael Heizer reveals his unique creative process to cameras for the very first time as he makes a new series of massive rock sculptures in the remote desert.

No Companion Left Behind

By Nathan Knox

Set in the boom-town of Austin, Texas, this short documentary follows Emancipet, one of the first non-profit, low-cost veterinary clinics in the United States. Emancipet is at the forefront of the growing Access to Veterinary Care movement, but the number of people struggling to afford care is growing even faster. Through expert insights and personal narratives, the film challenges the prejudices low-income pet owners often face, explores a compelling, affordable, community-focused model of veterinary care, and amplifies one organization’s rallying call to join a movement they’ve proven can reshape the future of animal welfare. At the heart of this film is the moving story of Christina and her cat Frere, whose journey from homelessness to hope epitomizes the profound impact the love shared between people and their pets can have, and why it is worth protecting.

Dad Bod

By Daniel Flahiff

A relentlessly upbeat father of four revisits the traumatic event from his childhood that forever changed him. A short documentary about exercise, mental health, and second chances. [Trigger warning //self-harm]

In Pursuit of the Absolute

By Clara Mirabel

Shepherds, dogs, and a flock of 2,000 ewes moving slowly among the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees mountains. “In Pursuit of the Absolute” is about solitude, marginality and passion driving these people, producing a poetic narrative in dialogue with the art of dance.
Dancer and shepherd are bound by the same quest for elevation and transcendence. A quest for freedom, truth, and the absolute. 

The Night Doctrine

By Almudena Toral, Mauricio Rodriguez Pons

An Afghan journalist embarks on a journey to find out who murdered her family 30 years ago, only to uncover hundreds of civilians killed in a secretive American backed program.

m OTHER: The Misunderstood Other Mother.

By Clare Louise Cheyne

m OTHER is a mixed media documentary that outlines the misrepresented and often overlooked role of the Stepmother in modern family culture. Through a combination of cinematic storytelling and both performance and traditional artwork, five stepmothers from different backgrounds come together to platform and center step motherhood and shift the narrative about what it is to be a Stepmother in modern society—and what they ultimately think needs to change for these women’s mental and emotional health to no longer be in constant jeopardy.

Half of all women in the United States will marry a spouse with children. Between 60 and 73 percent these marriages will ultimately fail. Stepmothers report depression at nearly double the rate of biological mothers, are at considerably higher risk for the psychological consequences of role strain than stepfathers—and yet, our culture’s most lasting and prevalent portrait of Stepfamilies remains: the fable of the Wicked Stepmother.

The Shelmeca Serpent

By Laura Bermúdez

“The second most important jungle in America hides an archaeological and mysterious secret of global importance for humanity and the mythology of an ancient indigenous population, known as The White City. This natural and cultural wealth is at risk of disappearing soon if we do not act on time. Wildres Wood, the only female biologist and activist of “Misquito” origin, takes us on a journey to the heart of this region in search of knowing and protecting Honduras’ most important treasure for the world. A story that proposes a look from within the territory, with female leaders and that suggests that reveals an undercovered place to world outside.“


By Michael Gilbertie

A short documentary that tells the story of Tony Spera, director of the New England Society for Psychic Research, and son in law of famed demonologists Ed & Lorraine Warren. The film tracks his journey from police officer, to custodian of haunted artifacts including the infamous Annabelle doll.

What Happened To You

By Alec Goldberg

Two childhood friends, both now stand-up comics, explore their past trauma together.


By Nikolas Meyberg

Discover Seglvik, a quiet Arctic place where Alfred Larsen, a master chef rooted in Sami culture, seeks refuge. Despite government attempts to eradicate the Sami language, Alfred is very attached to it. Life here is difficult, with limited phone reception, irregular ferries and freezing temperatures. Yet Alfred has created a peaceful and solitary life, honing his skills as a master chef and finding comfort in solitude. Join him on his journey and discover the allure of this enchanting place, where visitors from all over the world flock to experience its magic.

Between Me and The Sea

By Mohsin Mohi Ud Din, Rafe Scobey-Thal

Fatima is a young Syrian woman who has never seen the ocean yet speaks to the sea every day. She’s remained confined to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan for most of her life. Her imagination and storytelling are her only means of escape and freedom. What happens once she is confronted with and realizes a moment of freedom and meets the sea in real life? We follow Fatima as she travels to a place she has never been and meets the ocean for the first time.

Written by Fatima in her voice and shot on location in the Zaatari refugee camp and the Dead Sea, this film is an exercise in collaborative documentary filmmaking within underrepresented communities. In this unique and visually rich approach, directors support young refugee storytellers and survivors in reclaiming storytelling for healing and agency.