To live forever and be immortal. To live forever to be like God. Or perhaps, to be God. After 14 years spent in the psychiatric clinic for children and adolescents, at the age of 25 Ari finally has contact with the outside world, but only as an observer. As such, he knows vices and virtues of humankind, which leads him to despise it, elevating and exorcising his transcendence. Isolated in his mountain home and increasingly enclosed in a world where there is no distinction between good and evil, Ari catapults himself back in time. A timeless time of doctors and nurses, white rooms and iron cots. A time punctuated by conversations with Dr. Harris, his attending physician or perhaps his alter ego. Thus disgusted by the superficiality of man, to purify his soul, Ari feels the need to sacrifice human lives in the name of God, to atone for the seven deadly sins.