During a bloody clash between separatist forces and Moldovan combat troops in the 1992, during Transnistrian war, two separatists rushed to a tractor brigade in a Transnistrian village in order to find a tractor or other means of transport to transport the wounded and dead to the hospital. Here I find the guard Nicodim Calestru, a simple peasant who refuses to give them the horses and carts of the collective farm.
After the Ataman solder forcibly takes away horses and carts, he gives to guard Nicodim an receipt for requisition, specifying that the horses and carts will be returned after the end of the war.
This, of course, does not happen. More than that, after the conflict is ended, the district police open an investigation, accusing the guard of stealing from the public property.
The guard Nicodim is faced with a dilemma: to pay a large sum of money that he does not have or to go to prison. Finally, He decides to go to Ukraine, in search of the solder who gave him the receipt, in the hope of recovering his lost horses.