Ukrainian singer RYTA RAY debuts with a ballad ‘Frequency of Love’. It was last year when she won an international songwriter contest hosted by the world-famous music producer and songwriter Guy Chambers (UK).

“A world is falling apart and the only remedy we could look for is within ourself – in our heart, in our truth, in our love we share”,- Ryta Ray

“The video comes out just during the most fierce bombardment of my beautiful Kyiv (June 2, 2023), carried out by the russian armed forces almost every night for a long month. This is my first attempt to start a dialogue with the entire free world through pop culture, directing its focus to the living hell that has been happening to my home for the last 1.5 years.
And I am 100% sure that the darkness that has fallen upon us has no chance of its obscurant victory because in my country the most noble of the noble serve the forces of LIGHT”, sums up the video director Nikita Kvasnikov.

The plot centres around Ukrainian rescuers saving people’s lives barehanded these days. They carry the singer out of the burning building as she continues to share her truth bravely, to be resilient and follows her heart despite the world is crushing around her.

The international medical organization volunteers appear prominently in the clip, including paramedic from Hawaii who came to work in Ukraine. Although the crew filmed the fire thanks to lighting solutions only and without the actual burning, the real State Emergency Service of Ukraine rescuers in the frame acted strictly according to protocol. The internationally acclaimed Ethos Studio did the color grading for the video, devoting time to “Frequency of Love” amid a busy schedule servicing A24 projects.