The Night Doctrine

An Afghan journalist embarks on a journey to find out who murdered her family 30 years ago, only to uncover hundreds of civilians killed in a secretive American backed program.

The Record

An antique musical instrument dealer obsessively plays a magical vinyl record that “reads your mind and plays your lost memories.” Even the forgotten ones.

Veils Around Us

We carry culture, religion and social status through generations. While all of that leads to a strong responsibility to our children, the experience of a grandmother and her family touches upon those very topics.


This short documentary follows a group of performers whose stage is the Subway and whose family is their fellow dancers. A glimpse into their world shows the excitement, fun and danger of a career underneath New York City. Filmed and directed solo by filmmaker Tim Kellner allowed for intimate access and the ability to keep […]


Trapped 42,000 feet in the air. Squashed between two large men. Adam sits with a toddler screaming at him. Yet all he can wonder is… how good that toddler must taste..


Discover Seglvik, a quiet Arctic place where Alfred Larsen, a master chef rooted in Sami culture, seeks refuge. Despite government attempts to eradicate the Sami language, Alfred is very attached to it. Life here is difficult, with limited phone reception, irregular ferries and freezing temperatures. Yet Alfred has created a peaceful and solitary life, honing […]

Diary of an Illness

The film follows the Writings of Jacqueline Kahanoff, wherein she, an elderly woman, confronts the revelation of uterine cancer, marking the commencement of a new chapter in her life. The film captures her fears of the treatments, the isolation experienced as a patient in a healthy world, and the peculiar beauty that emerges amidst the […]


Appetite explores the link between food and sex and the conflict between instinct and social discipline. A woman and a man are quietly advancing their relationship while eating at a restaurant.


The human body becomes a living sculpture in this film that aims to reimagine toxic societal beauty norms.


The word entropy simply means unpredictability or the gradual descent into disorder.This is the entropy of a relationship in the chaotic retrospect of a colored memory.When everything is over, are we left alone with the memories of our loved ones or is it that those same memories are what keep us from being alone?