After losing his wife, a failing gallery artist returns home to his small town, looking for support from the very people he’s fought so hard to escape.

Two Frogs in Boiling Water

There isn’t much left in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, but Bro and Dude have a dream – and each other.

The Dinner Party

A simple dinner turns into a game of soviet cat and american mouse in this slapstick comedy.

Call Me Matthew

After two years in a coma, Jean-Pierre finally wakes up. All would be fine if he was not now persuaded to be the American actor Matthew McConaughey. His doctor is formal and convinces everyone: they have to play along to avoid causing any trauma.


When a seemingly innocent lemonade stand materializes in a suburban front yard, the once tranquil neighborhood descends into chaos as mysterious and unsettling events unfold.

Elvis of the Yukon

Based on the real-life adventure of travel writer Pam Mandel, Elvis of the Yukon is the story of two friends on a road trip in Alaska who abruptly change course after encountering an unlikely omen.

Group C

Naveen, a timid family man yearning to find his voice, stumbles upon a mysterious support group that employs unconventional preschool activities to boost his confidence. Realizing that he is being manipulated, he decides to confront the group’s leader and finally speak up for himself.

Nice Car

After a young wannabe actor driving in from utah loses his way to hollywood blvd he decides to ask directions from a peculiar man, things quickly take a turn for the worst as the mans intentions become murkier.

Miracle Wood

A lonely, depressed old man finds hope in a holy piece of wood.