The Heart of Texas

Janie May, an aspiring country singer stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck grind, gets big news that she’s a radio contest finalist while finishing her overnight shift at a local diner in Waco, TX. She must race to the station to sing for hometown country music hero Harlan Thompson in hopes of winning the opening act spot […]

A Fragile Heaven

A suicide survivor working at a psychiatric ward tries to protect a patient’s manufactured family when the doctors decide to destroy them as a form of healing. The worker needs this job to support his mother, but when he sees the patient lovingly care for her paper babies, he starts to contemplate the co-dependent relationship […]

The Displaced

A poignant narrative that speaks to the resilience and fortitude of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Cold as Ice

In the hopes of boosting their professional draft stock, a rivalry is born as an injury plagued hockey player (King) and a hockey prodigy (Zane) attend a private workout for the head coach of the LA Captains, Coach Richards. They will all soon learn that the game they love is as cold as the ice […]


An abandoned doll and a scarecrow scared of crows form an unlikely bond when they work together to overcome their fears and heal their mutual pain


May is reliving the same year over and over again. She’s unable to escape the minutiae of her office job and the loneliness of her marriage. That is until a kind moment is caught on camera that changes her fate forever.

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream is the story of a young Max Ornstil discovering a letter from a present day version of himself, describing in detail his future of living out his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and playing for his hometown. The film explores how a kid with ambitious dreams would react to hearing […]

A Tale of Earl GrayMay

An embattled Civil War veteran, dealing with all of his trauma, goes into the desert to fight his inner demons.

Sunrise Boulevard

1955. An in-crisis famous actress enrolls in a Clinic that helps artists to find inspiration through a pioneering sorrow therapy.The therapy doesn’t work with her. The other artists start to take inspiration from her sunny presence.The only way to bring the Clinic back to a painful and productive atmosphere is to turn her smile off […]