Nesting Doll

A married couple, grieving over the loss of their daughter, seek closure in a young woman her age.

The Last Embrace

A mother and son embrace one last time before taking six feet apart and isolating themselves to avoid the risks of a dangerous air-borne pandemic.


Jack La’mar, a renowned psychotherapist from Greenwich, Connecticut, moves into the Kimberly Hotel in Midtown Manhattan to take on an unconventional form of therapy to keep the memory of his wife alive and, along his journey, discovers the strength to accept grief into his life so he may heal.


Erratic messages from her dad sends JO deep into the California desert to sort through the remains of a frenzied, paranoid manic episode. However, along the way she makes two discoveries: the rest of her family wish to no longer support him, and the trunk of his car is filled with hundreds of slippers…

The Fool

A forbidden love affair between a rising Black star and a white movie starlet is ruthlessly sabotaged by those who sought to maintain the oppressive status quo in 1950s America.

Pacific Parable: Buried Treasure

In 1880s Pacific Northwest, a pioneer’s wife stumbles upon treasure while grazing cattle in a neighbor’s field. It could change their fortunes, but her husband is not so sure, and the neighbor won’t sell easily.

As The Day Goes By

A young cook, desperate and fresh out of incarceration, looks for redemption and a pathway to a second chance.

Press 1

Set in the near future “Press 1” centers on Hayden, a woman dealing with the consequences of hiring an AI company to manifest a rendition of her lover’s consciousness.


When a grief-stricken man with strange abilities opens up to his bereavement group about the death of his sister, he discovers that his curse becomes a gift to his fellow mourners.