As Erin packs her old life into boxes, she overhears a violent attack in the apartment above that derails her night.


During a raging thunderstorm, a correctional officer must face the horrors that haunt the maximum security prison where he works.

Come Home

Sometimes, the scariest knock at the door is the one that comes from within.


Howard struggles to control his world amidst a global pandemic. Faced with unemployment and a lonely quarantine, mysterious forces arise to fuel his fears and challenge his relationships and sanity.

Night Hag

The lines between dream and reality become blurred as a woman battling sleep paralysis becomes the target of a relentless demon, the Night Hag. A woman battling sleep paralysis becomes the target of a relentless demon, the Night Hag.


Welcome to NERVIO, a research lab for experimental visual identities leading the ‘Existence Integration program’.This otherworldly entity hacks into the nervous systems of its subjects, transforming and exporting them into boundless universes that transcend the ordinary. The altered vessels, shaped by the puppetry of the divine, bridge the gaps between realms, becoming conduits in NERVIO’s […]


Short experimental film about five characters sitting at the round dining table in a fancy restaurant. The film focuses on how they interact with each other without dialogue, but with body language and eye contact.


The word entropy simply means unpredictability or the gradual descent into disorder.This is the entropy of a relationship in the chaotic retrospect of a colored memory.When everything is over, are we left alone with the memories of our loved ones or is it that those same memories are what keep us from being alone?

All the wild hearts here below

“All the Wild Hearts Here Below” stands as a anthem on being a life.It follows a group of characters as they navigate the uncertainties of life, seeking moments of exhilaration and connection. Moments in which you feel somehow larger than life. Through their experiences, we witness the raw, unpredictable, and passionate nature of youth, revealing […]

Things That Didn’t Happen

Years after a fateful car accident, a recluse remains uncomfortable in his skin and unable to shake off the feeling that a familiar stranger is watching him from just beyond the trees.