4801 Nights

Abstinence is refraining from satisfying a craving.Teetotalism is the total, definitive abstinence from alcohol.In other words, a life sentence!4801 nights documents an introspection and a wandering, a fall and a rise, during a trip tothe polar circle.Legend has it that the polar night can drive those who venture there to sanity or madness.

Michael Heizer: In Process

Legendary artist Michael Heizer reveals his unique creative process to cameras for the very first time as he makes a new series of massive rock sculptures in the remote desert.

No Companion Left Behind

Set in the boom-town of Austin, Texas, this short documentary follows Emancipet, one of the first non-profit, low-cost veterinary clinics in the United States. Emancipet is at the forefront of the growing Access to Veterinary Care movement, but the number of people struggling to afford care is growing even faster. Through expert insights and personal […]

Dad Bod

A relentlessly upbeat father of four revisits the traumatic event from his childhood that forever changed him. A short documentary about exercise, mental health, and second chances. [Trigger warning //self-harm]

In Pursuit of the Absolute

Shepherds, dogs, and a flock of 2,000 ewes moving slowly among the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees mountains. “In Pursuit of the Absolute” is about solitude, marginality and passion driving these people, producing a poetic narrative in dialogue with the art of dance.Dancer and shepherd are bound by the same quest for elevation and transcendence. […]

The Night Doctrine

An Afghan journalist embarks on a journey to find out who murdered her family 30 years ago, only to uncover hundreds of civilians killed in a secretive American backed program.

m OTHER: The Misunderstood Other Mother.

m OTHER is a mixed media documentary that outlines the misrepresented and often overlooked role of the Stepmother in modern family culture. Through a combination of cinematic storytelling and both performance and traditional artwork, five stepmothers from different backgrounds come together to platform and center step motherhood and shift the narrative about what it is […]

The Shelmeca Serpent

“The second most important jungle in America hides an archaeological and mysterious secret of global importance for humanity and the mythology of an ancient indigenous population, known as The White City. This natural and cultural wealth is at risk of disappearing soon if we do not act on time. Wildres Wood, the only female biologist […]