A short documentary that tells the story of Tony Spera, director of the New England Society for Psychic Research, and son in law of famed demonologists Ed & Lorraine Warren. The film tracks his journey from police officer, to custodian of haunted artifacts including the infamous Annabelle doll.

What Happened To You

Two childhood friends, both now stand-up comics, explore their past trauma together.


Discover Seglvik, a quiet Arctic place where Alfred Larsen, a master chef rooted in Sami culture, seeks refuge. Despite government attempts to eradicate the Sami language, Alfred is very attached to it. Life here is difficult, with limited phone reception, irregular ferries and freezing temperatures. Yet Alfred has created a peaceful and solitary life, honing […]

Between Me and The Sea

Fatima is a young Syrian woman who has never seen the ocean yet speaks to the sea every day. She’s remained confined to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan for most of her life. Her imagination and storytelling are her only means of escape and freedom. What happens once she is confronted with and realizes […]

Just a Cook

“A chef who nearly lost his taste buds shares ingredients to life that are more than senses, but choices.”

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon is set on an alternative timeline where lockdowns never ended. Occurring 30 years in the future, the film is a documentary made by a citizen in this constant lockdown society. Curious as to what life was like before “the lockdown”, he sets out to interview people at their windows along with a […]


With the help of never-before-seen technology, a blind sports enthusiast achieves his dream of becoming a sportscaster. When Cameron Black, who is completely blind, moved to Kansas City, he decided to learn more about sports to adapt socially to the sports-centric town. Little did he know, his hobby would turn into a fierce passion as […]