Deborah is a rather tough piano teacher. She lives in Calais, France. Mansour is a Syrian refugee with a continual big smile on his lips. He wants to cross the Channel to England. By accident, Deborah welcomes Mansour into her home. An improbable meeting, which awaken a buried and tragic past.

The Winter Journey

During Halloween, a cow destined for slaughter escapes and the hunt for her is broadcast live on television as holiday entertainment. Meanwhile, Yusef, a young man working at a waste recycling plant, finishes another dreary workday. After experiencing a series of setbacks, he is overwhelmed by frustration and despair. While wandering through a cemetery, Yusef […]

Adieu Gaston

Emile is a contract killer. A hired killer who travels by bicycle and who kills in exchange for a few tickets left in a small mailbox lost in the middle of the fields. This time, the man to be slaughtered is named Gaston Pouget and lives at 7 rue des Peupliers: a shed on the […]

Call Me Matthew

After two years in a coma, Jean-Pierre finally wakes up. All would be fine if he was not now persuaded to be the American actor Matthew McConaughey. His doctor is formal and convinces everyone: they have to play along to avoid causing any trauma.

Good Boy

Danny’s (played by BAFTA-winner Ben Whishaw) attempt to rob a bank with his overbearing mum (played by SAG-awardee Marion Bailey) is scuppered by the appearance of their family doctor. With his mum in the back of his van, and a dead pigeon on the passenger seat, Danny has a growing sense of desperation. But as […]

Things That Didn’t Happen

Years after a fateful car accident, a recluse remains uncomfortable in his skin and unable to shake off the feeling that a familiar stranger is watching him from just beyond the trees.


Jack La’mar, a renowned psychotherapist from Greenwich, Connecticut, moves into the Kimberly Hotel in Midtown Manhattan to take on an unconventional form of therapy to keep the memory of his wife alive and, along his journey, discovers the strength to accept grief into his life so he may heal.