While Fingernails Grow

After experiencing an intense passion as a teenager and being separated by fate, Nina and Dan meet again twenty years later, right where they last saw each other, and the surprise gives way to an unexpected conflict of feelings.

The Blaze

Marcello is a young journalist who dreams of writing a novel, but lacks the inspiration. He becomes Count Krakeus’ assistant.The Count, living as a hermit in his castle and suddenly feeling he has grown old, decides to accomplish the work towards which all his life and his efforts have lead him : creating a universal […]


A man recounts the profound psychological changes that coursed through him after witnessing his nouveau riche brother fawning over a plate of home-grown gooseberries.

Full Count

Seunghyuk is a high school baseball player as a pitcher position, even though he has the handicap, a claw-handed person. Seunghyuk wanted to apply to one of the independent baseball team, whereas the coach suggested him to submit to Seoul PE college which has no collegiate baseball team, as special educational option for disabled students. […]


In her fifties, unemployed and lonely, Rosa has lost her self-esteem. Mute, her life takes a new turn when she decides to offer a balloon to her young neighbor who keeps losing his. To thank her, the parents invite her unexpectedly and take the opportunity to proudly announce that their child has just appeared in […]

Since It All Begins

Everything seems going well in Stéphane’s life. In her 30’s, she lives and works with a feminist group in Paris and she’s just starting dating Anouk. But one day Stéphane’s mother calls as her health is getting worse. She needs help to look after little Simone, Stéphane’s three years old daughter, in the countryside. Stéphane […]

Garden In The Sky

As teenager Zuo Tong accidentally discovers that his mother may be cheating, he puts her through a harsh mental trial. Amid this process, Zuo Tong gradually realizes that he’s shattering another family with his actions.

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me is an Australian one shot LGBTQ+ film about the cycle of relationships we all face and how each of us grow from heartbreak. It documents the birth and death of a relationship lasting three years, entirely shot in camera across two sets in one continuous take.

M jako Máma

A desperate mother, who has been fighting for financial aid to improve the quality of her severely disabled son’s life, is at the end of her tether.

Morning Star

“Morning Star” takes you on a riveting ride through history. Set against the backdrop of 1940s Malta, this true story weaves together the magnetic tale of Christina, a British entertainer, and the fearless RAF pilot, Warby, whose love story unfolds amidst the impending darkness of World War II. Starring Larissa Bonaci and Ben Lamb (The […]