The Nectar Instead

A young fly gets trapped in the fly trap in the stop-motion studio only to have the existential realization that it spent its entire life chasing after the wrong thing.

Still Scattered

After losing his wife, a failing gallery artist returns home to his small town, looking for support from the very people he’s fought so hard to escape.

Shared Spaces

A woman driven to the edge by her annoying new roommate finds solace in their adorable cat.

Nice Car

After a young wannabe actor driving in from Utah loses his way to Hollywood Blvd he decides to ask directions from a peculiar man, things quickly take a turn for the worst as the mans intentions become murkier.

Miracle Wood

A lonely, depressed old man finds hope in a holy piece of wood.

Group C

Naveen, a timid family man yearning to find his voice, stumbles upon a mysterious support group that employs unconventional preschool activities to boost his confidence. Realizing that he is being manipulated, he decides to confront the group’s leader and finally speak up for himself.

Asking For It

A victim of a crime quickly becomes the suspect in this gender adaptation of a satirical play about reporting a crime.

The Heart of Texas

Janie May, an aspiring country singer stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck grind, gets big news that she’s a radio contest finalist while finishing her overnight shift at a local diner in Waco, TX. She must race to the station to sing for hometown country music hero Harlan Thompson in hopes of winning the opening act spot […]

You’re Doing Great

Following the death of his parents, a pliant seventeen-year-old living in a kitschy future where happiness is sold as a commodified drug trepidatiously takes on his first job in order to make ends meet for him and his ailing younger brother– in the form of finally affording “true” bliss