Hot Latin Nights at the Granada!

The Granada, a nightclub owned by the famed salsa singer Tony “El Tío” Lopez is closing down. El Tío’s nephew had no intention of attending the closing night, until the girl next door asks him to save the last dance for her. Now all he needs to do is learn how to salsa dance.


As Teddy (William Servinis) sparks a cigarette, fellow soldier Frank (Jack Hewitt) appears. Older and less worn by the war, Franks has come to say farewell one last time. For the pair this means lighting a cigarette in the comfortable quiet. As the truth of their relationship comes out, they share an embrace covered by […]

The Use of the Past Participle

Mrs. D., an exhausted French teacher, is struggling to manage her daily life: some students are lagging behind, the school program is pushing her to move faster, and there are even those who judge her work harshly. But Mrs. D. doesn’t want to deviate from her mission for anything in the world. Caught between dream […]


Maxine is a young screenwriter struggling to write an authentic story. In navigating her relationship with her best friend, a Mexican man named Leon of ambiguous legal status, she finds that the best stories are often the most truthful – and with that truth will come loss.


An 8 year old girl adopted from China leads her father to a deeper understanding of what she faces in a new culture and what she longs for from her home country.


A young man who hasn’t left his bedroom in 8 years is assigned a mannequin and has a week to find a romantic partner or face public execution.

Indah and the Spirits

INDAH AND THE SPIRITS an Indonesian Fantasy FilmArtsy punk Indah is distraught over the loss of her grandmother and ventures to the underworld to see her one more time but Yuda, a fun-loving spirit, won’t get out of her way

Singing in the Lifeboat

Jin seeks solace in the woods of Pennsylvania amidst the Covid pandemic. Surrounded only by trees, her thoughts become increasingly fraught with desperation and danger.

Is it Christmas?

After New Year’s celebrations, a family’s Christmas tree is carefully stored in the pantry, awaiting the next holiday season. When the long-awaited moment finally arrives, it is replaced by a larger and more modern Christmas tree. Thrown in the trash, the tree is found by an old lady and makes another home’s Christmas less lonely.


“Dad” takes the audience into an intimate conversation between father and daughter. The ambivalent relationship is discussed in front of and behind the camera while the father tends to his gardening. What will he harvest? The filmmaker asks, “Why is my dad the father that he is?”