Comfort Zone

A depressed psychotherapist plans to close his practice, but his last patient prompts him to step out of his comfort zone and accept help.

The Snow Leopard

A composer meets with her composition teacher to help put the final touches on a new piece she is writing for string quartet.


For most of her life, Fiona was a pre-professional violinist training to become a soloist. After experiencing a great loss, she grapples with what it means for her that she no longer plays – hasn’t even touched her violin in months. Amidst the identity crisis that ensues, Fiona finds new meaning in music, friendship, and […]

Sisters Svetlov

Two sisters who haven’t spoken to each other in years, meet next to their mother’s grave on the day of remembrance.The memories of their childhood and teenage years shed light on complicated time of their lives as part of the Svetlov Family.

Them Upstairs

A girl tries to survive a plague that creates duplicates of the infected.

Honest Work

A chance encounter between a vulnerable hipster and a charismatic hustler goes awry when a vial of white powder gets involved. Set against the pulsating background of an underground music show, Honest Work is a darkly comic look into the pits of hedonistic pursuit.


This is the day. Speed dating in the aquarium. Time to break the routine and find someone for yourself. Sara, in search of love, wants just one thing: a phone number. Well, alright, a shoe size too. And a registration number. Date of birth, body temperature, the number of teeth… Numbers don’t lie.

The Steak

A birthday ceremony preparation gets upside down as something horrible takes place.


The romantic relationship between two influencers is put into question after one of them deletes their social media.

Rosso Veneziano

Young twins Leo and Lea are haunted by the phantoms that inhabit their family house in Venice, they start a quest to unveil the mystical history that exists in La Laguna.