You’re Doing Great

Following the death of his parents, a pliant seventeen-year-old living in a kitschy future where happiness is sold as a commodified drug trepidatiously takes on his first job in order to make ends meet for him and his ailing younger brother– in the form of finally affording “true” bliss.

Oh Shit

When Annie is stuck in a shitty relationship, she finds that her only way out is to release an inner power.

Year of the Oat Milk Latte

A young queer actor makes a new years resolution to change his life. But during his spiritual quest he gets addicted to designer caffeine, and while effective at first at bringing about change, when he runs out of Oat Milk the coffee grains of success quickly slip through his fingers.

Real Robbers

Nick enlists his friend Jake on a mission to rob an old lady’s house for an undisclosed reason.


Three educated (and bored) twenty-somethings are working a dead-end job in a gas station. Their futures are grim. When a group of bank robbers turn up fresh from a heist and fresh out of fuel, things get a bit more interesting.

The Desert Knight

Two weary treasure hunters are in search of the prize of a lifetime… but it’s guarded by the Desert Knight- A warrior and merciless killer, preserved in the sands of time…Inspired by a suit of armour that we found on a trip through the Middle East, and Monty Python, this is a passion project/medieval comedy […]

Seoul Switch

When an insecure, Korean American boy meets an International K-Pop Star who looks just like him, they decide to switch identities.

Broken Toilets

BROKEN TOILETS tells the story of Yossi Klein, a young Hassidic man, tasked to take care of his father-in-law’s buildings in Hudson County, New Jersey. But Yossi has a secret – he loves hip hop. During the everyday mundane, often absurd tasks that come along with property management, he meets two tenants – young aspiring […]