MAR 2023 – JUL 2023

4801 Nights, Laurence  Michel, France
A Drifting Up, Jacob Lee, United Kingdom
A Milky Way, Quentin Moll-Van Roye, Belgium
Adèle, Christo Rossenov Roussev, France
Adieu Gaston, Victor Guilbaud, France
Adventure Never Ends: A Tabletop Saga, Rob D Miller, Douglisio Rudolpho DiMuccio, United States
Always, Thomas V DeGrezia, United States
Anna, Liu Yi, China
Arava, Sarah Meital Benjamin, Israel
Asking For It, Christy Lee Hughes, United States
Backlog, Jacqueline Elyse Rosenthal, United States
Barbie, Matt Cady, United States
Bigger Than Life, Marina Rocco, United States
Brothers, Pete Schilling, Germany
Carelessly There, Rachel Deutsch, United States
Cataract, Jonatan Egholm Keis, Denmark
Champ, Ben Tricklebank, United States
Chipper, Shaun MacLean, United States
Come Home, Mike Pecci, United States
Consumed, JP Bradham, United States
Dandelion, Joey Moe, Denmark
Darcelle: On Life, Love and Dying, Christena Carol Dowsett, United States
Dilemna Dilemma, Jacky Goldberg, France
Drawback, Caroline Bevaart, Harald Swinkels, Netherlands
Echo, Jo Southwell, United Kingdom
Electric Light Orchestra - Yours Truly, Martinez Swystun, Magda Zalecka, United Kingdom
End of Summer, Weiqi Cai, United States
Engelstan, Manu Coeman, Belgium
Every Day After, Elisa Gambino, United States
Fitting In, Apoorva Gaitonde, United States
Flow of Life, Marisa Papen, Michael Chichi, United States
Flutz, Ryan McCown, United States
Framed, Camille Remi Kirby, United States
Fuochi, Mirko Genduso, Italy
Gimme the Word, Andy Chung, United States
Hangman, Sam Upton, United States
Hotel Centaur, Lino Kafidas, Dimitrios Kafidas, Greece
How the Lake became a River, Sevan Smolnik, Israel
How to Cry on Command, Wylie Anderson, United States
Hunting Period, Elodie Beaumont, France
I am Kanaka, Genevieve Sulway, United Kingdom
I Can’t Feel The Sky Falling, Simone Consoli, Italy
I Lost the Way, Panagiotis Rappas, Greece
I'm On Fire, Michael Spiccia, United States
In the Pines, Dugan Bridges, United States
Ivalu, Anders Walter, Pipaluk Kreutzmann Jørgensen, Denmark
Jacques, Charlie Bellarose, United States
Kamiyama: The Little Town with Big Ideas, Kohei Watanabe, Marco Lui, Japan
Life left behind, Valia Phyllis Zwart, Norway
Life of a Stranger, Roman Daniel Rütten, United Kingdom
Livable Measure of Miserableness, Curt Neill, Not Specified
Lizard, Emily Gularte, Guatemala
Lonely Island, Kristie Kish, United States
Lotus, Angelika Fürstler, Austin Ahlborg, France
Mattress Express, Noah Morse, United States
Meet Me By The Sea, United Kingdom
Mgzavrebi - Waltz, Lado Kvataniya, Georgia
Mother, Salomon Ligthelm, Ukraine
Motherland, Denise Khng, Singapore
Nakam, Andreas Kessler, Germany
New Narratives in Health Access: The Language of Care, Ross Kauffman, United States
Night Lovell - Eye Spy, Avery Stedman, Shermar Paul, Canada
Object of Desire, Naomi Christie, United States
On / Off, Nicolas P. Villarreal, Argentina
Paper Route, Harrison Mitchell, Australia
Patience, Chantelle Squires, United States
Piecht, Luka Lara Steffen, Germany
Queen of Pain, Cyril Carbonne, France
Sand Castles, Tom Collins, James Collins, South Africa
Scarlet, Lisa Ranran Hu, China
She, Emil Dam Seidel, Sweden
Soil, Sam Lembeck, United States
Solo, Anat Eisenberg, Israel
Stationheads, Stu Gamble, Hungary
Stenofonen, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Denmark
Stoker Machine, Darieus Legg, United States
Street 105, Abdulrahman Al Jandal, Saudi Arabia
Strings - Hollywood Shorts, Rodrigo Moreno-Fernandez, United States
Technicolor, Scott Faris, United States
The Brave Locomotive, Andrew Pierce Chesworth, United States
The Bubby Bear Show, Thavin Vongpatanasin, United States
The Delay, Mattia Napoli, Italy
The Diary of a Weird* Child, Yulie Archontaki, United States
The Hunt for Medals, Not Lions, James Suter, South Africa
The Irrepressible, Stefan Köhler Pellegrini, Denmark
The Journey, Andrés Hidalgo, Ecuador
The Kicked Dog, Max Hemmings, Australia
The Knowing, Erin Lovett, United States
The Lamb, Richie Valentino, Australia
The M Word, Shane Poss Crosland, Australia
The Marked, Reggie Austin, United States
The Narrator, Joseph Scrimshaw, United States
The Night Doctrine, Almudena Toral, Mauricio Rodriguez Pons, United States
The Role of a Lifetime, marc saez, France
The Sea on the Day When the Magic Returns, Jiwon Han, Korea, Republic of
They Came From All Over, Rayka Zehtabchi, United States
Ticks, Sam Max, United States
To You, Per Se, Preston Sadleir, United States
Treeline, Freddie Bonfanti, United Kingdom
True Blue, John Carter, United States
True Places Never Are, Jeff Young, United Kingdom
Twice as Good, Scott Faris, United States
Unforgotten, Floriane Andersen, United States
Unripe, P.M Nelson, United States
Untied Knots, Claire Yland Li, United States
Upper Chambers, Leigh Powis, Canada
Valerie, Alexander Saul, Denmark
Veils Around Us, Timm Gillner, Germany
What The River Taught Me, Martin Leon, Felix St-Jacques, Canada
When Living in a Car is Your Last Choice - "Mobile," a Social Impact Film, Luciana Faulhaber, United States
Wild Magnolias, Alexandra Kern, United States
Wild Youth, Nathan Naenen, Belgium
Woodsman, Elliot Peters, United States
дом, Desiree Schippers, United States