JUL 2023 – NOV 2023

A Little Dark, Stella Taylor
A Sister's Perspective, Olivia Dabinett, United States
All Four Won,Nick Galarza, United States
Almost Home, Nils Keller, Germany
Altar Boys, Thomas Steele, United States
An After Party, Tucker Papa, United States
Anam Chara, Cillian Lúcás Ó Gairbhí, Ireland
Angelman, Sacha Picard, France
Apartment no. 5, Danielle Jadelyn, Israel
Appetite, Peiying Wang, United Kingdom
Arnold: The Unreal Story, Jarrad Bhatia, Australia
Back Seat, Maya Chodus, Israel
Backwash, Danica Arias Kleinknecht, United States
Bait, Nancy-Bleu Hwang, United States
Big Break, Harrison Shook, United States
Black & Blue, Emma Eng, Canada
Black Maria, Marcus W Albino, United States
Bodylands, Sarah McColgan, United States
Bogotá Story, Esteban Pedraza, Colombia
Bonnie, Tiffany Franco, United States
Bounty Hunters, Drew Anthony Hernandez, United States
Brothers In Arms, Ibrahim Nada, Jordan Charles, United States
Bubjan, Nicholas Mihm, United States
Canceled, Teemong, Netherlands
Carp Made The River Green, Phillip Dixon, Australia
Cold Call, AJ Campli, United States
Compass in Hand, Josie Alexandra, Australia
Cover, Alexa May, United States
Cut, Youness Benali, United Kingdom
Dear Ernie, M.D. Walton, United States
Dog Breath, James Westbrook, United States
Don't Answer, Artturi Olavi Rostén, Sara Nieminen, Finland
Drained, Anna Fotiadou, Cyprus
Ellie, Vinny O'Brien, United States
Empty Glass, Yassine Iguenfer, France
Estela, Is It You?, Fabian Martin, Victor Martin, United States
Ethixxx of Desire, Larena D Winn, Marcella E Winn, United States
Evil & Good, Bárbara Magri, Vicente França, Brazil
Fallen Leaves, Thomas Edgar-McNerney, United States
Fantasy, Gordy De St. Jeor, United States
Fate vs. Elena, Laura Sedlak, United States
Featherweight, Sean Gregory Pecknold, United States
For A Moment, Noah Wyss Le Brocq, United Kingdom
For Sale,Yongseop Lee, Korea, Republic of
Fracture, Dimana Pastrakova, Not Specified
Fragments of us, Ido Gotlib, Germany
Guest, Ruven Wegner, Germany
Halloween Massacre, John Harvatine IV, United States
Ham, Fiona Hampton, United Kingdom
Happy for You, Scott Talbot, United States
Held, Toby Wharton, United Kingdom
Hidden Love, Hanmo Wu, China
Hitched, Keir Beck, Australia
Hold You Down, Jean Charles Charavin, United States
Hope is the Thing with Feathers, Sunny Mohajer, Canada
How To Get Over Your Super Hot Ex, W Chen Delgado, US
I Have Just, Ece Akalın Alagöz, Turkey
Ibrahim & Moussa, Yassine Hayani, Belgium
In the Shadows of War, Jake Alexander Williams, Not Specified
Into The Wild, Max Woods, United States
Istina (Truth), Tamara Denić, Germany
It's Not Up To Us, Anthony Werhun, United States
Juicy, Emily Weider, Emily Everhard, United States
June, Lauren Stevens, United States
Junk Male, Ella Purnell, United States
Killer Killer, Chris Cheek, United States
L'uomo che raccoglie gli elastici, Carlo Ghioni, Italy
Let's talk about it tomorrow, Nona Shariari, Iran
Lie With Me, Chris Fell, Austria
Lies on the Line, Nicole Sarah Fry, United Kingdom
Life After Her, Daniel Mayúgba, United States
Lightning's Echo, Demetrios Cokinos, United States
Lines, Sara Werner, United States
Love Intense, Davide Chiazzese, Canada
Lunch Break, Reinout Jan Swinnen, Bram Van Rompaey, Belgium
Mama, Farah Albani, United States
Man of Arran, Paul McCambridge, Ireland
Memories of a Mobster, Gaston Cohen Guindi, Mexico
Mirage, Jad Rahmé, Lebanon
Monsters These Days, Cooper Lily Stallings, United States
Mr. Red, Shu Gao, China
Neo-Dome, Bonnie Discepolo, United States
Night Hawkes, Atlas Ferrera, United States
One in Two People, Ali Mashayekhi, Canada
Order my Steps Short Film, Augusta Palmer, United States
Our Males and Females, Ahmad Alyaseer, Jordan
Painful Flavours, Julian Hand, United Kingdom
Papirola, Fabián Molinaro San Martín, Spain
Paranoia, Igor Volkov, United States
Pink, Rachael Disher, United States
Promises, Faye Ann Brenner, United States
Rasch und mit Feuer, Mia Watanabe Miller, United States
Rejoyce!, David Ledger, United Kingdom
Retro Memo, Zhaoyu Liu, United States
Roboto, Keone Madrid, Mariel Madrid, United States
Ruby & Roach, Erentia Bedeker, South Africa
Sane Men, Jess Fritz, United States
Satellites, Samuel Womer, United States
Seraphim, Oscar Ramos, United States
Shared Spaces, Collin Black, United States
Sharing, Mykea Fairweather Perry, United Kingdom
Shattering Stars, Peter Galison, United States
Slippers, Mark Ryan Walberg, United States
Snail, Renato Fimene, United States
Sob, Ekaterina Gorbacheva, Russian Federation
Sometime, Somewhere, Logan Findlay, United Kingdom
Soulmate, Richard Fenwick, United Kingdom
Speedman, Joe Bowers, United States
Stains, Joseph Burch, United States
Still Scattered, Dominic Burgess, Jeff Lorch, United States
Stolen Dreams - short film, Justin Ferrato, United States
Straightaway ,Tyler Fennyery, Not Specified
Tata, Eliana Orcière, France
Thank you for your souvenir, UK!, Oushi Lin, United Kingdom
The Brave Locomotive, Andrew Pierce Chesworth, United States
The Circle, Jimmy Vi, Japan
The Dinner Game, Lauren Boone, United States
The Driver, Evan Oliver, Allen Baker, United States
The First Night, Silvia Gregorova, Czech Republic
The Fool, Jonathan Primo Ruiz, United States
The Grand Mother, Julia Hazuka, Poland
The Last Embrace, Diego Contreras, United States
The Mantis, Wylie Rush, United States
The Never Ending Now, Damien Krisl, France
The Pelagic Tracts, Shubigi Rao, India
The Record, Jonathan Laskar, Switzerland
The Rising of the Sap, Susie Jones, United Kingdom
The rubber tappers, Cambodia
The Sound Collector - Mood Music, Chris Tichborne, UK
The Winter Journey, Yifan Sun, Poland
There Were Cowboys, Jay Holdener, Switzerland
This is Not Home, Kaylan Walker, United States
Time's Up, Hugh D.G. Moody, United States
To the Moon and Back, Charlie Posey, United States
Tragedy, Giorgio Caporali, Italy
Trapped, Mohamed Maged, United States
Unibrow, Nedda Sarshar, Canada
Upside, Sean Cartwright, United States
V I A, Jiaqi Kang, Yilan Huang, United States
Venom, Alfredo Vidal, United States
Welcome To The Neighborhood, Jason Lee Segal, United States
What Happened To You, Alec Goldberg, United States
Who Followed Us Home, John Gowan, Neil Gowan, United States
The Waves Serenade, Gabriel Marcelo, Philippines