The revelation that "the trunk of his car is filled with hundreds of slippers" is both unexpected and intriguing. What significance do the slippers hold within the context of the story, and how do they contribute to the overall thematic exploration? And why, above all objects, slippers?

Slippers were honestly the first thing that popped into my head. But once it was there I couldn't see anything else. They're strange, out of place and context, yet comfortable. It related so well to what the character was going through. She was out of place, sorting through and absurd, confusing situation that she struggled to contextualize. But in the end, there was a familiar comfort that drew her back in, whether it was the right choice or not.


The California desert serves as a backdrop for much of the film's exploration and discovery. Can you discuss the significance of this setting and how you utilized it to enhance the atmosphere and mood of the story?

I grew up in the desert, and since it was in part based on a personal experience, it made sense to set it there, and thematically it was the perfect fit. It's desolate, isolating, unkowable with roads stretching in various directions with no end in sight. It again connects to what the character is going through as she faces a difficult situation alone and faces an impossible decision. Moreover, the desert is flat and the sun is relentless -- there is no where to hide. Our main character is forced to confront some of her biggest fears.