As Erin packs her old life into boxes, she overhears a violent attack in the apartment above that derails her night.

Come Home

Sometimes, the scariest knock at the door is the one that comes from within.


During a raging thunderstorm, a correctional officer must face the horrors that haunt the maximum security prison where he works.


With a hurricane raging outside their hospital, two nurses have one last job before evacuating: stow the “dead-on- arrival” corpse of a young girl in the downstairs morgue before the building floods. But the corpse quickly reveals itself to be more than it seems.


When a grief-stricken man with strange abilities opens up to his bereavement group about the death of his sister, he discovers that his curse becomes a gift to his fellow mourners.

Stolen Bike – Sam Island

It follows a story of a man who come to terms with the loss of his friend through a not so normal friendship.


Upside is a modern fairytale that showcases a dystopian world ruled by women who hunt men for pleasure and force them to fight & perform against each other for their survival. The film is a commentary on consumerism, ownership, and lusting after one’s desires.