Marcia, a devout 50-year-old Catholic, faces her personal demons, including alcoholism and prejudices, as she struggles to understand the emptiness consuming her. Her journey of self-discovery is guided by an unlikely friendship with Paula, a homosexual nurse. In the hospital, they confront their own prejudices, leading to an intense showdown. On the brink of a […]


When twelve-year-old Erik is forced to choose which parent should have to move out during an ugly divorce, he struggles in the aftermath of his decision and how it ends up altering his relationships not only with his parents, but his two younger brothers as well.


Rubén’s routine and lonely life changes forever when, on his way home, he finds aphotograph of him at the Metrobus station.

ISTINA (Truth)

Jelena is a photojournalist on an investigative editorial team in Belgrade that campaigns for basic democratic rights. Her journalistic work is her passion, but the atmosphere around her has been threatening for some time and she is increasingly becoming a target of right-wing populist groups. When one day the editorial office is violently attacked and […]

Color Troopers: The Legacy Continues

Once, ‘Color Troopers’ ruled the ’90s as the beloved show of every child. Now, decades later, the original cast reconvenes for a dazzling anniversary episode. Ryan Reiff, the iconic Red Trooper, hungers to rekindle his fame through daring stunts and a leading role. However, his former co-star, Kai the Blue Trooper, stands in his way. […]


After receiving a mysterious letter, a wayward son returns to his childhood home to wrestle with a dark family secret.

Adieu Gaston

Emile is a contract killer. A hired killer who travels by bicycle and who kills in exchange for a few tickets left in a small mailbox lost in the middle of the fields. This time, the man to be slaughtered is named Gaston Pouget and lives at 7 rue des Peupliers: a shed on the […]

Floating Love

22-year-old Zura’s mother left home, leaving him and his father behind. Since then, Zura’s father suffers from depression, and is busy drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Zura is forced to take care of him, while his soul longs for peace and freedom. An encounter with a captivating girl named Daniel will send Zura into an […]

In search of lost horses

During a bloody clash between separatist forces and Moldovan combat troops in the 1992, during Transnistrian war, two separatists rushed to a tractor brigade in a Transnistrian village in order to find a tractor or other means of transport to transport the wounded and dead to the hospital. Here I find the guard Nicodim Calestru, […]


A father, pursued by ruthless foes, uses games to distract his daughter from danger, inadvertently preparing her for their perilous journey. He relies on resourcefulness to protect her and strengthen their bond.